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Velimir Lackovic

Velimir started his professional career in the Electrical Engineering Institute "Nikola Tesla" Belgrade as Project Engineer working on various distribution system planning projects. He moved to the Middle East where he is involved in the analysis and planning of the EHV and MV transmission and distribution networks as well as conceptual and detailed design, installation, and commissioning of substations for major consultancies and local utility companies. He also got significant experience working for the major oil companies solving their complex operational issues helping them to improve overall production.

He modeled various phenomena in the power systems including steady-state, dynamic, harmonic, and fast transient responses. He has good knowledge in substation design, HV cable sizing and installation, and earthing system design. He understands how projects are successfully managed throughout the complete cycle. He has profound knowledge of power system modeling and analysis software tools, CAD design, and GIS systems.

He has rich experience working on projects in UK, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Bahrain, and Serbia. Velimir authored several technical papers that were published in IEEE proceedings. He is a member of IEEE Power Society and CIGRE.

He runs and operates Gridtect (www.gridtect.com) and can be reached via [email protected]